s you arrive at Mozaic, a small pathway takes you down to the pond side where The Workshop stands ready to open its doors of culinary knowledge.

Whether you have come with a group of friends for a few good hours of learning in leisurely mode or for serious and rigorous cooking classes for professionals, The Workshop has prepared a welcome drink and a few moments to get acquainted.

Today’s dishes and ingredients are clearly explained and it is time to start work on your own dishes…

Chris Salans’ team of chefs are attentive to your questions and help you with every detail of the preparation.

With the Miele appliances at your service, with the kind attention of the school’s personnel, you will have achieved a dish or learned a new technique which you can bring home to impress or have with your class colleagues before leaving The Workshop.

Bringing home your recipe book and apron, you are ready to reproduce this dish and share it with loved ones!

Experience The Workshop. Comprehensive Gastronomy, with Chris Salans and his team.


A day’s typical schedule

Afternoon Classes

  • 12:00   Arrival at the workshop and welcome by the Chef.  Explanation of the day’s   class and settle into workstation
  • 12:30  Commencement of the class
  • 14:30  Break time, refreshments
  • 15:15  Tasting of the food prepared and review of the class
  • 16:00  End of the class


Full Day Classes

  • 10:00  Commencement of the class
  • 13:00  Lunch
  • 13:45  Resuming the class
  • 16:00  Tasting of the food prepared and review of the class
  • 17:00  End of the class


Morning classes are available on request